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Crystall snowball-maker for the winter!
Snowball-maker godsend for the winter!

Glowing snowball-maker - hit of the season 2016/17!

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  • Age: 5+
  • Time for game: ∞
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  • 195.00 грн.
  • 156.00 грн.

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Glowing snowball-maker - hit of the season 2016/17!
Glowing snowball-maker - hit of the season 2016/17!
195.00 грн.
156.00 грн.

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Другие товары категории "snow sculpting"

A bright glowing snowball is a novelty of winter 2016/17!

Finally he is glowing! The great novelty of this snowball-maker backlit no more, no one!

Two kinds of new transparent - colors are bright and juicy!

Snowball-maker "ELECTRO" — to look at exactly the same way as transparent, but with two buttons on the sides. 2 backlight mode — with shimmer and flicker-free! Attention all children in the district provided :) This is a real find for the Winter Games in the evening, a child with a toy is always visible.

Size 36 sm x 9 sm — convenient for any child. Packaging — a plastic bag with festive colors.

Age 5+
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