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Word Games for a fun company

«Smile» fun game
«Smile» fun game

«Smile» fun game

Everybodies favorite explanation of words, guessing famous movie heroes and funny characters from ca..

425 грн

Bombat Game Gift Package
Bombat Game Gift Package

Bombat Game Gift Package

Buy and give a good board game to your family, relatives or friends - this is cool and will surely p..

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Gift Sertificate
Gift Sertificate

Gift Sertificate

Do you want to give an unusual gift, but do not know what game to choose? Get a gift certificate!A g..

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Board word games for kids development and family fun.

Word association games are one of the most fun and interesting ways to develop a child, in addition, such board games can become a feature of your family party and all guests will be happy to remember the gatherings at your home! Let's tell you more about how word is played:

Word association games: general rules.

  1. Players are divided into 2-3 teams, determine the order and the main game moments: how much time is allotted for 1 round, any restrictions and exceptions, after which a player of one of the teams receives cards with words.
  2. As a general rule, before the timing starts, the showing player can watch and prepare to explain 1 word, after which he gives the go-ahead. Further, within a specified time, as the rule is 1 minute, the player explains the words to his team, and they guess them. The number of guessed words is the team's victory points.
  3. During the explanation, the player cannot use the same root words, the translation of the word into another language (except for Klingon, this is our special rule). But can use gestures, explain antonyms and another word that begins with the same letter as the one being explained
  4. The subject of agreement can be: the word will be considered guessed if the team named a word of the same root, the ability of the opponents to guess the words after the team time expires, the ability to explain the second by analogy with the first letter, penalties for dropping the word

Which word board game to buy?

Of course the most fun is the board game of words "Smile". In our game you will find not only 2000 words, but also contests for guessing characters from popular cartoon films and funny contests for a team to find words for a given letter. The game of word associations "Smile" is published in two languages: Ukrainian and Russian. We recommend buying a word game in the language your family speaks at home.

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