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Developing speech therapy games

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Speech therapy games for the development of children.

The purpose of such games: automation of pronunciation of sounds P, Pb, difficult for a child, in words, phrases, sentences; study, repeat and consolidate the names of colors, work out the correct agreement on gender, numbers with numerals and adjectives, enrichment of the dictionary. Speech therapy games-exercises are used both in group and in individual work, they develop memory, thinking, imagination, attention, speech, and form phonemic processes. Speech therapy board games from Bombat Game can be used by both teachers and parents.

Suggested variants of speech therapy games:

  1. A child twisting the arrow and picking up a drawing with the appropriate color, which the arrow will point to, names it, clearly pronouncing the sound being practiced. Complication: children come up with their own words-names of objects that come in a certain color.
  2. An adult lays out drawings in accordance with color sectors, several for each color, children clearly say these phrases, trying to remember them, then the adult turns them over. Children twist the arrow and remember the drawings that lay in the sector of this color, clearly pronouncing the sound under study.
  3. Children take turns twisting the arrow and choosing from the proposed drawings that lie next to the table, words with a hard or soft sound, depending on which sector the arrow points to - marked with a soft or hard sound. If the child pronounced the word correctly and made the right choice, she teaches the drawing for the sector of soft or hard sound. Complications: an adult gives the task to come up with (remember) words with a soft (or hard) sound only with an arrow, no pictures.

Which speech therapy games to buy?

Today our series of speech therapy exercises includes two board games: the speech therapy game "I am already an adult" with the letter P and the speech therapy educational game "I am already big" with the letter L. Buying both games as a set you save 9%.

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