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Bonus program of the company and discounts to customers in our online store

It is very important for us that you receive a quality product, service and pleasure from the purchase!

Therefore, our website has a loyalty program. Immediately after registration you will receive the status of «Subscriber» and you can already use a discount* of 5%. This discount will apply to you for every order.

* Please note that in order to receive a discount of 5% immediately after the registration procedure is completed, you must update the order.

But that's not all!

After registration in your account, you will have a virtual account, which will be credited with bonuses from the purchases on the site. The more you buy games on our site, the more bonus points will be on your account. 1 bonus point is 1 UAH when making a purchase and up to 30% of the order you can pay bonuses!

«Subsribers» are awarded bonuses in the amount of 3% of the order value. After your total orders reach the amount of 1500 UAH you will receive the status of «Regular customer» and bonuses in the amount of 7% of the order value. You can see the added amount of points in your Personal Account.

But that's not all!

The registration bonus (also called a bonus for subscribing to news)

When registering on our website, you will immediately receive 20 bonus points, which you can use already in the first or subsequent orders.

Bonus for review

When writing a response to the product, «Subsribers» will receive 5 bonus points at their own expense, and «Regular customer»10 points.

Actions Status
Regular customer
  Bonus from the amount of purchase 3% 7%
  Bonus for review 5 points 10 points
  The registration bonus 20 points

Also bonus points can be obtained with participation in contests, promotions, events and partnership programs (we will additionally report this in our newsletters). And for this, please check whether the current e-mail is listed in your personal account (we never send out spam or pass on your data to third parties, since our customers are our main Value!).

* Please note that the «bonus points» apply only to the board games «BombatGame».

Pleasant, profitable shopping for you and fun games!

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