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Our "boardgame" story

At the beginning of the way

The idea of ​​own business for the development and sale of table games first arose in 2010, was finally formed and moved to the training stage in 2011, and in 2012 Bombat Game was registered. The company owes its name to a curious story with the children of one of the founders.

More information on the link — History of the name Bombat Game

Somehow on TV there was a broadcast about the Australian fauna, bright representatives of which are wombats — animals resembling a small bear, living in burrows. Access to dwellings they block their own booty, protected by a thick hide and dense fur from any encroachment. After watching the transfer, the pope discovered that his own children had adopted the same tactics, and the elder tightly blocked the younger one from accessing a basket of candy.

— True wombats, — said father. 

There followed the perplexed silence of the children, who did not see the transfer, and then a cautious question:

— Dady, who are the ombats? 

— Not «ombats», but «wombats», — said father. 

— Oh!, — thoughtfully said the older child to the youngest. — Got it! Dad says that we are bombats!

So, thanks to the children's creativity in the field of word-building, and also the fact that it was the children who pushed their parents to the idea of ​​starting their own business, the new word became part of the name of the company ☺

The first breakthrough in creating table games was a board game on the fantasy theme "Steel and Magic." However, the complexity of making realistic plastic models still does not allow the game to be released for sale. And for the first time our company entered the Ukrainian market of table games in October 2012 with the naval game «Admiral».

Our goal

From the very beginning, the partners set themselves a fairly ambitious task: the games that the company will produce must be really produced in Ukraine, that is, Import can only be raw materials. In addition to purely practical considerations, there was also excitement, which became stronger, the more often you had to hear: "In Ukraine, this can not be done!"

There really was a lot of problems — if the printing business in Ukraine is very well developed, then the issue of making complex figures from plastic, at the same time and at an affordable price, required the partners to show talents of engineers and 3D designers. Find a designer in Ukraine who could draw such technically complex models in a narrow-profile engineering program, because Eugene and Alexander mastered 3D modeling and made the models themselves.

The next stage was a metal mold for these models. The specialists who took up its manufacture later admitted that they did this for the most part in order to understand whether they in principle are capable of such a high-precision production or not. And for them it was a kind of challenge!

However, in the end everything was successful, and «Bombat Game» became the first company in Ukraine that was able to establish the production of complex plastic ship figures that became the hallmark of games on the sea theme

But much more difficult task was not figures — it was much harder to break into the shelves of domestic stores. Products are not known to a company with a completely untwisted brand to take categorically refused. And here it was required simply to work hard, not to drop hands, to make their products recognizable, participating in accessible promo events and exhibitions.

Company today

Today, roles in a small company are clearly distributed: husbands Sasha and Zhenya — are engaged in creative development and design, and the wife of Luda and Ira — communication with artists, partners and marketing promotion.

Today the stage of acquiring the primary recognition of the company's products has already been passed, and more and more often buyers turn to us on the recommendations of acquaintances, or already buying something from our products.

We actively participate in the largest forums, exhibitions and festivals, such as "Igrosfera", "BabyExpo", "Searching for Made in Ukraine", etc. We also conduct dozens of game libraries and master classes, where we introduce all comers to our games, help to understand all the nuances and make the game more understandable and interesting.

Today, the assortment of products includes more than 20 types of table games of own production of various genres (economic, strategic, marine wargames, fantasy, entertaining, speech therapy, cognitive games for a cheerful company and games for couples). In addition, the board games Bombat Game are designed for different ages:

The assortment of games is actively replenished and every year the collection of Ukrainian board games Bombat Game is replenished with interesting novelties:

We are always open to new proposals for the publication of games and will happily support an interesting project. If you have a wonderful idea for a board game that you would like to implement or you want to share how we can become better — write to e-mail: office@bombatgame.com.

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