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Set of captains cards (16 psс.)
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Ships in the set for games "Admiral", "Naval battle", "Treasures of the old pirate"

  • Product Code: adm_4_ships
  • Availability: In Stock

  • Age: 6+
  • Time for game: 15 мин
  • Players quantity: 2
  • 85 грн.

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Ships set of 4 pieces
Ships set of 4 pieces
85 грн.

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A set of 4 assembled ships: Battleship, Galleon, Frigate and Brig. Can be used as an addition to the games «Sea Battle», «Treasures of the Old Pirate» and «Admiral» to expand your fleet, as well as to replace lost ships.

The sizes of the ships taking into account the support are shown in the table:

Type of shipsImageHeight, mm.Length, mm.Width, mm.
1st-rate ship
Age 6+
Time for game 15 мин
Players quantity 2

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