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«Grib'ОК» card game
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  • Brand: Bombat Game
  • Product Code: 4820172800071
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: 18+

  • Age: 18+
  • Time for game: 30 min
  • Players quantity: 3-9
  • Use: For the company
  • Category: Board games
  • Kind: Card games
  • Genre: Casual
  • Type: Adults
  • Box Size (LxWxH): 19 sm. x 14 sm. x 3 sm.
  • Product Weight: 250 gr.
  • Material: Cardboard
  • Components: 90 cards of tasks (size 56 х 87 mm.), rules of the game
  • First Edition: 2014
  • 245 грн.

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«Green Mexican» party game
«Green Mexican» party game
245 грн.

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Do you want to make your party unforgettable? For a fun company, the best incendiary board game is best! The «Green Mexican» is exactly that. It is universal for any party and is designed for a company where they like to spend an interesting time:

 easy and short rules, time of learning — up to 5 minutes;
 the game will decorate any party, even the one where everyone is "driving";
 you can play both the three of us and the big company;
 the goal is not so much the victory, as an interesting and fun process of the game.

Don (chairman of the Mexican mafia) chooses a successor among the players. But his adviser, who dreams of heading the cartel, constantly arranges pretenders all sorts of tricks, trying to show that they are all only "green" Mexicans, and do not deserve to take the place of the Don.

The set includes cards of two types — 45 orders of the Don (performed by the player), 45 insidious interference of the Advisor (the player transfers their performance to any other player) and the rules of the game.

What if it is impossible to execute two (three) Advisor card tips simultaneously? Hence, you are unlucky and the chances of becoming a "green Mexican" have increased significantly :) For example, if one card says that the left hand should be held at the back of the head, and the other that the left hand should cover the knee, then one must break at least one of the cards of insidious advice.

What if the player can not fulfill the order of Don described in the card? What can not mean?! He does not want to disappoint Don? :) You need to try until it works out. But if, nevertheless, the task is not fulfilled, then such a card goes into a dump, turn the card upside down.

A pause is possible? What pauses? The struggle for the cartel's empire is in full swing! Ordering alcohol, chewing a fragrant shish kebab or answering the phone call, the player is obliged to fulfill all orders of the Don assigned to him or cards with tips of the adviser.

The most enterprising and attentive will win, but everyone will get pleasure and positive emotions!

Photos taken from the site savostina.com

Rules for the game can be found here.

Easy to learn board game from Bombat Game for fun company:

Overview of the board game "Green Mexican" from "Natisni START":

Age 18+
Time for game 30 min
Players quantity 3-9
Use For the company
Category Board games
Kind Card games
Genre Casual
Type Adults
Box Size (LxWxH) 19 sm. x 14 sm. x 3 sm.
Product Weight 250 gr.
Material Cardboard
Components 90 cards of tasks (size 56 х 87 mm.), rules of the game
First Edition 2014

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