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Board economic games

 «NANO Corporation» board game
 «NANO Corporation» board game

«NANO Corporation» board game

«NANO Corporation» — is an economy as it is!☑ for family leisure or for a teenage com..

645 грн.

-130 грн.
Set of 2 games for players 10-99 years old
Set of 2 games for players 10-99 years old

Set of 2 games for players 10-99 years old

«NANO Corporation»The economic strategy of a new format, it is more interesting than a monopoly! «NA..

1 210 грн. 1 340 грн.

Bombat Game Gift Package
Bombat Game Gift Package

Bombat Game Gift Package

Buy and give a good board game to your family, relatives or friends - this is cool and will surely p..

35 грн.

Gift Sertificate
Gift Sertificate

Gift Sertificate

Do you want to give an unusual gift, but do not know what game to choose? Get a gift certificate!A g..

300 грн.

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Economic Board Games

For many game lovers, it is economic games that are associated with board games. Most of us started our acquaintance with the world of board games with Monopoly or one of the many variations of this game: Business, Bankrupt, Cooperative, Entrepreneur, etc. Economic board games have become widespread due to the fact that they are closely related to real economic principles and laws, and this allows them to be used to teach children about economics and business. Moreover, economic games with toy money instill in children a culture of handling it, form the concept of value and reasonable market behavior.

Economy as it is in the game "NANO Corporation"

The Bombat Game company could not ignore the segment of economic board games, because in our team all participants have an economic education and are professionally engaged in finance and economics. The key idea of NANO Corporation is to illustrate in a game model the most famous laws of the market economy in the Ukrainian realities. The game has an Exchange - a market indicator of prices for raw materials and materials that are subject to market fluctuations. However, the main feature of the market is that with an increase in the supply of goods in the market, the price for it decreases! Another feature of the market is that a monopolist has the right to dictate prices on the market, also a well-known economic law. But these are not all the patterns that you will find in our economic board game, there are many more of them, and we are wondering if you can identify all the patterns?

What other economic board games can we recommend?

Other economic board games will soon appear in our assortment, but for now we recommend playing NANO Corporation and trying to emerge victorious using various tactics and strategies:

  1. Become a monopolist in the game and dictate your terms to everyone
  2. Be as mobile as possible and make decisions quickly
  3. Build a vertically integrated holding
  4. Develop technology and increase production efficiency

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