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«Green Mexican» party game

Board game for the party "Gradus"

  • Brand: BombatGame
  • Product Code: 4820172800217
  • Availability: In Stock

  • Age: 18+
  • Time for game: 30+ min
  • Players quantity: 3-10
  • Use: For party
  • Category: Board games
  • Kind: Card games
  • Genre: Drinking
  • Type: Adults
  • Box Size (LxWxH): 17 cm. x 12 cm. x 7 cm.
  • Product Weight: 700 gr.
  • Components: 6 thematic deck with tasks, tablets bonus menu, tablets of players with markers, rules of the game
  • First Edition: 2018
  • 395.00 грн.

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Before you, a box with a party-drinking-funny tabletop game!

"Gradus" will light up the party, blow up the holiday with jokes, cheer fun with friends, arrange a restful rest and even add notes of eroticism. Thematic decks with assignments can be formed according to your preferences, so it will be interesting to play both: in the company of students, and in the work collective and even in the family circle, by removing / adding some decks.

Let's turn any meeting into a party, and a board game - into a binge feast!

What is in the box?
1. Base - the main deck of the game;
2. Alcotresh - tasks for alcoparty with an emphasis on "alco";
3. Move the body - the tasks of this deck will make you stand up from the table and stretch your "buns";
4. Hardcool - cool tasks for restful rest;
5. Spicy - adds a touch of sensuality and eroticism to the party;
6. Brain ON - tasks of this deck for those who still have something to understand;
7. Tablets Bonus menu - spank your points ... eh ... walk, so walk (consists of sections Standard menu and Menu by decks);
8. Player tablets - to mark earned / impaled milliliter points;
9. Tokens - to count points on the player's tablet;
10. Rules of the game.

The game is currently in Russian.

Rules for the game in Russian can be downloaded from the link: The rules of alko-party "Gradus".

AlcoParty Gradus from BombatGame Team - review (russian).
Author: Tatyana Golovata (golovata_tetiana)
Source: Site irecommend.ru - Customer Reviews.

The game for the company from BombatGame: Gradus is an alcohol game with up to 10 players who want to have a good drink, snack and have fun while performing tricky tasks.

Age 18+
Time for game 30+ min
Players quantity 3-10
Use For party
Category Board games
Kind Card games
Genre Drinking
Type Adults
Box Size (LxWxH) 17 cm. x 12 cm. x 7 cm.
Product Weight 700 gr.
Components 6 thematic deck with tasks, tablets bonus menu, tablets of players with markers, rules of the game
First Edition 2018

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