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Set of 2 magnetic games for choise: Adeline, Oksana, Eveline and Taras
«Choose a profession: Taras» magnetic game

Set of 3 magnetic games for choise: Adeline, Oksana, Eveline and Taras

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  • Age: 3+
  • Time for game: 5-25 min
  • Players quantity: 1+
  • 555.00 грн.
  • 500.00 грн.

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Set of 3 magnetic games for choise: Adeline, Oksana, Eveline and Taras
Set of 3 magnetic games for choise: Adeline, Oksana, Eveline and Taras
555.00 грн.
500.00 грн.

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Developing magnetic games from the series «Dress a doll» and«Choose a profession» is a real godsend for children!

 interesting both for boys and girls;
 develop imagination, attention, fine motor skills and visual memory;
 owing to its compact dimensions, it is convenient to take along on a trip.

Here is a set of three magnetic games which reveals great opportunities for imagination and play. Now you can choose your favorite doll and doll-girlfriend, with whom you can exchange dresses, combine outfits and arrange amazing fashion parades. Or choose a friend Taras, who will accompany the beauty to any event, participate in various competitions and travel to all kinds of places.

To play is very simple: take a figure and lay out a number of outfits. Choose any and put on the doll, as shown on the box. Thanks to the magnetic base, the outfits are easily fixed on the figure. Now you can fantasize and play a lot, choosing the right clothes for different events.

Collect all the characters together and before such an abundance of costumes and outfits no one can resist. And thanks to a magnetic base, it is convenient to take figurines of dolls with you for a walk or a trip, even with your favorite costumes! Choose what entertainments are waiting for you today!

Age 3+
Time for game 5-25 min
Players quantity 1+

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