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«I'm already a big» logopedic game
Set of 3 games for children 4-6 years old

Set: 2 child boardgames from 4 to 6 years

  • Brand: Bombat Game
  • Product Code: set_2xgame_age04-06
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  • 510 грн.
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Set of 2 games for children 4-6 years old
Set of 2 games for children 4-6 years old
510 грн.
460 грн.

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You can buy any two board games from the list below and place an order with 50 uah discount:


Bestseller, three games in one box!

An ideal game for those who want to combine the fun and education of a child. She will be the first board game that will "grow" with the child. Instead of chips - bright multi-colored figures of ships, will not only interest the child, but also create a mood, so you will want to play again and again!

It develops: logical thinking, knowledge of the animal world and geography, skills of action planning and decision making.

> More details about the game "ZOOregatta"


This is a super compact board game, a great opportunity to have fun and excitement in the company of friends or family. Simple rules that are learned in 3 minutes. "Silent Hunt", which is built on original mechanics, will reveal the most skilled mushroom picker in your company!

It develops: logic, verbal skill and attentiveness.

> More details about the game "Mushroom’OK"

«Dino Land»

The colorful world of dinosaurs, hidden from all impregnable rocks, with clearings for picking fruit. DINO Land is a quest in which every player wants to go faster from a baby who has just hatched from an egg to an adult dinosaur.

> More details about the game "Dino Land"

«Dino Sport»

In front of the players is a real tropical stadium. Small dinosaurs want to be not only large, but also strong. And they are actively involved in sports. To do this, they will need bushes, barriers of their powerful logs and jumps. Take part in exciting dino competitions: run faster, jump higher, overcome obstacles, be cunning and attentive - and you will get the victory!

It develops: logical thinking, attention, skills of action planning and decision making.

> More details about the game "Dino Sport"

«Dino Battle»

Very interesting logic board game for the whole family, fascinating from the first game! Children compete with dinosaurs for dominance in the prehistoric world, simple rules and an interesting tournament version of the game for children.

> More details about the game "Dino Battle"

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