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Set of 2 games («I'm already an adult!» & «I 'm already a big!»)
Bombat Game Gift Package

4 dinosaur figures made of ABS plastic

  • Brand: Bombat Game
  • Product Code: dino_4
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Age: 3+
  • Time for game: 20 min
  • Players quantity: 1-4
  • 85 грн.

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A set of 4 color 3D-figures of dinosaurs for children from 3 years.

These bright dinosaurs will be loved by children, as they are pleasant to the touch and have an original design. And when children grow up - these dinosaur chips can be used in any board game, instead of simple colored chips and children will be doubly pleased to play such chips in the family or with their peers.

And of course, our dinosaur chips are perfect for playing our board games:

  1. Dino-Sport - real dinosaur competitions at the beautiful dino-stadium.
  2. Dino-Land - adventures of dinosaurs on a mysterious island.

Age 3+
Time for game 20 min
Players quantity 1-4

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