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«Naval battle» board game
«Smile» fun game

Treasures of the Old Pirate - A GAME OF MARINE ADVENTURES!

  • Brand: Bombat Game
  • Product Code: 4820172800033
  • Availability: In Stock

  • Age: 8+
  • Time for game: 25-45 min
  • Players quantity: 2-3
  • Use: For the whole family
  • Category: Board games
  • Kind: War Games
  • Genre: Strategic
  • Type: Children's
  • Box Size (LxWxH): 31 sm. x 29 sm. x 6 sm.
  • Product Weight: 1250 gr.
  • Material: Cardboard, plastic, magnet
  • Components: 12 models of ships with magnetic cards, playing field, overlaid map elements, cube, weathervane, rules of the game
  • First Edition: 2013
  • 599 грн.

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Dangerous adventures, untold treasures, mysterious islands, fast ships... Is it strange that pirates are an object of intense children's interest? And not just among the boys - remember how Pippi Longstock dreamed of becoming a sea robber?

«Treasures of the old pirate» — not an ordinary board game, it's a lot of battles in one box:

 an excellent game for family leisure, for playing children (and adults) among themselves;
 rules of average complexity, development time — up to 30 minutes. However, this will fully pay off the opportunity to feel like a real captain of a pirate sailboat;
 adapted for children from 6 years version of the board game «Admiral».


Even the formidable pirate captain, the hero of hundreds of battles and the possessor of thousands of treasures, is coming to retire. But who will leave his place on the bridge of the flagship, who will lead the pirate fleet in new campaigns, how to choose a worthy successor? Well, of course — to arrange a competition between the young pirates, and let the strongest win.

It is in the role of contenders for the place of the old pirate captain and the players act. Each of them receives under his command a fleet of 4 or 6 ships. Using them, the player can drown enemy ships, destroy enemy bases, and in their repair, take other ships to board, deliver gold to their port — in general, do everything to prove to the old pirate that he is the most worthy candidate for the title Pirate captain.

The game has detailed rules that allow you to fully experience the spirit of the Time of Sails: the direction of the winds influences the movement of ships (the captains will have to calculate their course depending on the vagaries of nature), they are trapped by insidious reefs and cannons of enemies.

In the rules, players are offered several scenarios of sea battles (placing ships, forts and other elements on the sea and the goal of the game). An important feature of the game is a freely formed field - all islands and reefs are made in the form of separate elements, and this gives players the opportunity to create a new map, as well as invent their own game scripts!

3 levels of difficulty rules (from the easiest to 6 years) will quickly learn the basics of navigating to players of any age.

The board game «Treasures of the Old Pirate» is a shortened version of the desktop military-strategic game «Admiral». However, the box contains everything you need to master the rules and mechanics of the classic sea game in full with all the gaming techniques.

With each game you can more and more immerse yourself in exciting sea battles!

Rules for the game can be found here.

Reviews of the game system “Admiral” (“Treasures old pirate”)

Admiral. Below full sail!
Author: Alexander Gorshechnikov (Gravicapa)
Source: 2fishki.ru Encyclopedia of family entertainment

Damn strange and pretty meaningless, or a damned good game Admiral
Author: Damn
Source: Smaylosfera. Essays on board games and more.

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Video “Admiral”, “Treasures of the old pirate”

Video by The Dice Tower of the boardgame system “Admiral” (English):

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Age 8+
Time for game 25-45 min
Players quantity 2-3
Use For the whole family
Category Board games
Kind War Games
Genre Strategic
Type Children's
Box Size (LxWxH) 31 sm. x 29 sm. x 6 sm.
Product Weight 1250 gr.
Material Cardboard, plastic, magnet
Components 12 models of ships with magnetic cards, playing field, overlaid map elements, cube, weathervane, rules of the game
First Edition 2013

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