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Set for an adult party («Gradus» + «Green Mexican»)
Bombat Game Gift Package

«Gradus» + «Green Mexican» + «Smile» - games for a fun company

  • Brand: Bombat Game
  • Product Code: party
  • Availability: In Stock
Saving 107 грн.

  • Age: 18+
  • Players quantity: 4-30
  • Use: For the company
  • Category: Board games
  • Kind: Card games
  • Type: Adults
  • Product Weight: 1680 gr.
  • 1 068 грн.
  • 961 грн.

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Set for a great party («Gradus» + «Green Mexican» + «Smile»)
Set for a great party («Gradus» + «Green Mexican» + «Smile»)
1 068 грн.
961 грн.

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If you are planning a really great party, then you can not do without a super-set of thre board games for a funny company!

 for play from 4 people or more;
 suitable for a party and family vacation;
 easy rules, time to master the rules — up to 5 minutes;
 the goal is not so much the victory, as an interesting and fun process of the game.


GRADUS is a 100% hit among party games with the largest set of tasks and the ability to customize the game for any company.

GRADUS is 200 cool and a little crazy tasks for the company, which we divided into 6 decks, so that participants can fine-tune the game before the party starts. Participants select the decks they will play, and then everyone draws cards in turn and performs tasks for winning milliliters. Players use tablets in the form of beer mugs and markers to score points.

> More details about the alco-game "Gradus"


For fans of guessing and "thinking up" — incredibly fun board game «Smile». Everybody favorites explanation of words, the guessing of famous movie heroes and funny characters from cartoons, tasks for reaction and quick selection of words on interesting topics, as well as irrepressible laughter, funny pantomimes and unpredictable associations will make the party unforgettable!

> More details about the word game "Smile"

«Green Mexican»

Who want to become a real Don Mexican cartel, is already waiting for the «Green Mexican»! 90 cards with completely unpredictable tasks, a fight for the right to become the head of the mafia — and all this is flavored with humor. If you cope with everything - you will become not just the Mexican Don Corleone, but also deserve the honorary right of the "King of the party"! :)

> More details about a drinking game "Green Mexican"

A fun set of board games will give unforgettable emotions, and the game process will carry away so much that time will fly by unnoticed. Pleasure and positive emotions are guaranteed to everyone!

Age 18+
Players quantity 4-30
Use For the company
Category Board games
Kind Card games
Type Adults
Product Weight 1680 gr.

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