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History board game "Cossack campaign"

  • Brand: Bombat Game
  • Product Code: 4820172800248
  • Availability: In Stock

  • Age: 10+
  • Time for game: 30+ min
  • Players quantity: 3-5
  • Use: Family
  • Category: Board games
  • Kind: Card games
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Type: Child
  • Box Size (LxWxH): 31 sm. x 29 sm. x 6 sm.
  • Product Weight: 800 gr.
  • Components: Playmap, gold, chips of campaigns, 5 cards of hetmans, a set of task cards, 25 Hetman seals, 57 action cards, Hetman's chip and a book of rules.
  • First Edition: 2018
  • 695 грн.

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"Cossack campaign" is an atmospheric historical game with which you will plunge into the times of the glorious Cossacks.

This board game successfully combines strategic actions on the playing field and card mechanics, which reproduces political intrigues that Cossack leaders weave. The political and military center of Ukraine is the Zaporizhzhya Sich, with its well-established laws and democracy. Several prominent personalities, real leaders and cossacks, are simultaneously trying to lead the state to success, but each of them sees his own way.

Cards of hetman for the boardgame cossack campaign

Players must play the role of atamans and hetman, leading the Cossack campaign of the famous Zaporozhye army, and conduct a successful military-political campaign to defeat rivals and prove that they are worthy of the hetman's mace. Wins the one who successfully fulfill their strategic and tactical tasks, giving hetman orders to atamans, and receive the greatest number of achievements in the Cossack campaigns.

The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible:

  • After completing the task from the card of hetman;

  • Capturing cities and settlements on the map during campaigns;

  • After completing the task from the additional task cards;

  • Using all your trekking chips.

Players strive to complete their tasks and capture as many cities and settlements as possible. But power belongs to the one who holds the hetman's mace, and he has the right to give orders only and lead the Cossack campaigns. Therefore, after receiving the coveted mace and hetmanship, the player uses card orders to send the formidable Zaporozhye army on campaigns and raids, to capture cities and settlements under his flag. Getman punishes the recalcitrant and generously encourages the obedient.

But other atamans are constantly fighting for the hetman's mace and seek the way to unite the lands of Ukraine under its authority. The goal of the atamans with the help of disobedience cards is to prevent the hetman from carrying out his assignments and to force the hetman to renounce power in his favor. In the role of atamans, players use defiance cards to evade the hetman’s orders, turn them to their advantage, or even remove the hetman from the power. Or, in good faith, they carry out the hetman orders, directing the forces of their squads in order to seize settlements and cities, and get paid for it from the hetman in gold.

Finally, the most clever ataman will win, when he will achieve his goal and gain fame in the largest cities by uniting them around his name.

"Cossack campaign": what's in the box:

  1. The playing field is a map of Ukraine in the era of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks with designated cities and roads.

  2. Gold - is a fee to players for the implementation of hetman orders, or actions of disobedience.

  3. Trekking chips are markers for marking the advance of Zaporizhzhya troops on the map.

  4. Black trekking chips are markers that block advancement in the marked direction, they are common to all players.

  5. Hetman cards - cards with the main tasks for the players, the execution of which brings the most points.

  6. Cards for additional tasks: cities and achievements for the implementation of which additional points are awarded.

  7. Seals of hetmans to indicate the captured cities.

  8. Action cards: 20 cards of disobedience and 37 cards of hetman orders, which are the main tool for interaction between players when performing their own tasks.

  9. Chip hetman refers to the player who acts in the moment in the role of hetman and gives orders.

  10. The rule book and hint cards with the sequence of moves and a description of possible actions in the game.

The game is currently available in Ukrainian only.

"Cossack Campaign": a video review of the board game from Octopus (Ukrainian)

Game Theory - "Cossack campaign": unpacking.

Video review of the rules of the board game "Cossack campaign" from the channel Beaver Games:

Game Theory - "Cossack campaign": lets play or how Cossacks went camping!

The rules of the historic board game in the Ukrainian language can be downloaded here: The book of the rules of the game "Cossack campaign".

How to play the Hetman’s card “Brotherhood”?

This hetman's card is played witn the standard rules:

The getman lays out the “Brotherhood” card, announces which of the items in the list of orders is to be carried out, and then sequentially exchanges the cards of orders (tasks) with each of the atamans in turn.

Atamans can play the insubordination card under the usual rules.

If the order is executed (the ataman exchanged cards with the hetman ) - the hetman pays the ataman who performed it, if the insubordination card is played - the ataman pay the penalty.

If the hetman chose to exchange some cards, then the number of cards he takes from the ataman must be equal to the number of cards he gives to the ataman.

How to play the hetman order card “Enlarge the registry”?

The getman lays out a card of the order “Enlarge the registry” and turns to each ataman with the question: “Do you agree?”

If the ataman agrees to execute the order, he replies: “Yes, Dad” after which the hetman pays him and gets the cards, or gives him the cards and takes the gold from him (depending on which point of the order the hetman chose).

If the ataman does not agree, he shouts out: “Treason!”, And lays out a card of insubordination, which is played according to standard rules.

If the ataman agreed to execute the order in the second option - take 2 cards from the hetman and give him gold, but he does not have gold - he is considered an ataman, who did not fulfill the order, but not at will, and therefore he has the right to get 1 card at the end of the circle if he has less than 6.

What order cards can be put out after the hetman's order "Suspicion" and do I have to pay for their execution?

After the “Suspicion” order, you can lay out any card of orders from the hetman’s hands, including one that gives the right to lay out another card of orders, for example, “Fiery Speech”. It is not necessary to pay for the execution of the card of orders placed next, after the "Suspicion" card, but if the player lays out the 3rd card of orders, the action of the "Suspicion" card does not apply to it.

Disobedience Card "Stupid":

A) What does the phrase “change the location of any 2 trekking chips” mean?
B) What happens if a city / settlement is captured?
C) Is it possible to sequentially move 2 trekking chips?

A) This means that the ataman can take any trekking chip on the map, which the rules allow to pick up, and place it in any other place on the map, where the rules allow it to be set. The main limitation is that breaks should not allow in campaigns, that is any chain of trekking chips must necessarily have a beginning from the Zaporizhian Sich on the map.

B) the city or settelment captured, as a result of such movement, is stamped by the current hetman.

C) Yes, you can move the trekking chips sequentially and you can remove 2 chips from one direction.

What is the difference between actions in the cards of the orders “Sympathetic” - the 2nd option and “Treason” - the 2nd option?
In fact, there is no difference between these actions; these variants of orders are a logical continuation of the first orders in each of these cards: “Sympathetic”, option number 1 - the hetman takes for himself 1 specified trekking chip + strengthening action by doubling = “Sympathetic” option number 2 - the same action, but +1 trekking chip. “Treason”, option number 1 - an ataman picks up trekking chips + reinforcement with a modification = “Treason”, option number 2 - 2 trekking chips not on his hands, but the hetman.

Can the “Defiance” card put a black chip in an arbitrary place on the map, blocking a different path, and then continue the march along the path of the hetman and capture the city?
Yes, in the “Defiance” card, the second action is written without clarification, but the phrase: “in any direction” refers to both chips: the black chip of the campaigns and the usual one. Again, the second action is to enhance the previous one. The situation (described in the question) is possible.

Disobedience card “Vote of no confidence”, option number 1: does the hetman transfer the power of his choice?

The card is played by the ataman, so in the first option, the ataman changes power, but the hetman gives the power to any player, it means hetman choose a player among the atamans, to whom he will give the power. In the second variant (more expensive) - the power changes, but the hetman has no choice.

Age 10+
Time for game 30+ min
Players quantity 3-5
Use Family
Category Board games
Kind Card games
Genre Strategy
Type Child
Box Size (LxWxH) 31 sm. x 29 sm. x 6 sm.
Product Weight 800 gr.
Components Playmap, gold, chips of campaigns, 5 cards of hetmans, a set of task cards, 25 Hetman seals, 57 action cards, Hetman's chip and a book of rules.
First Edition 2018

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