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How to buy board games in our online store: choose a convenient method of delivery and payment

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1. To order the goods, go to the Shop section and click on the «Add to Cart» button, then make an order and we will contact you as soon as possible to clarify the details
2. Courier delivery within Kiev or within Ukraine (transport company) when ordering from 1300 UAH — free of charge. 
3. You can pay for the order through the bank (the details are indicated in the section "Payment")
4. We ship the order within 1 day after payment
5. We will be glad to answer any questions on the orders of the games by phones: +38 (050) 461-81-61 or +38 (096) 742-76-73 or by e-mail: zakaz@bombatgame.com



Return and Money Policy

According to the Consumer Protection Act, the buyer has the right to return or exchange the goods (including board games) within 14 days of purchase through the delivery service under the following conditions:

  1. The product must be free of abrasions, chips or scratches;
  2. No traces of liquid have been found on game items or packaging;
  3. Saved the appearance of the board game;
  4. The goods must be in the package (except for the packaging film) and in the complete set;
  5. All goods documents (rules and sales receipt) are available.

Exchange and return of quality goods

In order to return or exchange the goods (board game) of proper quality, it is necessary to have certain reasons for return, which are specified in Art. 9 of the Law of Ukraine "Law on Consumer Protection", namely:

  1. No more than 14 days from the date of purchase;
  2. The goods are not included in the list of goods that are not subject to exchange and return approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers.
  3. The product does not suit the style, color, size, weight or for other reasons not related to the quality and technical failure of the product.
  4. The product has not been used, the product appearance, original packaging, stickers and documentation have been preserved;
  5. Product in working order (not applicable to board games).

Important! When returning a product of appropriate quality, the buyer has the right to exchange it for a similar one in the range of the store in accordance with the law "On Consumer Protection", or demand a refund if the range of the store does not have a similar product, namely:

  1. Buy another product from the range offered in the range at the same price or with the transfer of value and payment of the positive difference;
  2. Terminate the concluded contract of sale and get the money back (refund is made within 7 working days from the date of termination of the contract in the same way as payment for the goods (cash / non-cash method of payment)).

Procedure for transferring funds to the buyer in connection with the return of goods

Conditions under which the Bombat Game online store refunds to the buyer:

  1. The period from the date of purchase of the goods is not more than 14 days;
  2. The product was sold incomplete.

Ways to refund online store Bombat Game - credit funds to a bank card (cashless transfer).

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