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"GribOK" - a new hit game for the whole family!

New from BombatGame team: board game "Grib'OK" - is a fun and rewarding vacation with the family We invite all fans of desktop card games escape from the summer heat in the cool of the forest and take a fascinating "quiet hunt"! .Number of Players: 2 to 6The duration of the party: from 15 to 30 minutesAge of players: from 5 to 66 years
Our new summer - Grib'OK game - a card-board game-сounting:- This is a great opportunity to have fun and recklessly time with his family or in the company of friends, mastered the simple rules in just 3 minutes !- It super compact board game , you can always take a trip just putting a deck of cards in your pocket and you can play anywhere, anytime!- Is a universal game: many original tactics and game strategies for adults and the development of oral numeracy skills for children!- A "quiet hunting", which will reveal the most skillful mushroom picker in your company - ruler and honey agaric toadstools !- It funny assistants : squirrel, hedgehog, rabbit and cheerful dog - that will help players to have a great time picking mushrooms!
Learn more about our new product you can find follow the link.

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