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Invitation to cooperation for the authors of board games

Dear authors of board games!

We are always open for new offers on the publication of games and we will happily support an interesting project if:

  • you have developed your own board game with interesting rules and fascinating gameplay;
  • there is no more place left on the table for excisions, sketches of characters, ready tiles and small elements;
  • you already see your game on the shelf with world-famous board games, etc.

To start cooperation, please tell us about the project in more detail (be sure to answer all questions below and provide all necessary materials):

  • to whom the game is designed (age, gender, social group, fans of a topic, etc.);
  • what is the genre/theme;
  • what is the game mechanics (whether special cards, cubes, tokens are used, there is a special interaction with the field, whether there are tables, scoring schemes, whether additional attributes are needed, etc.);
  • a table with a list of all components (size, format, material, etc.), indicating the quantity for each species;
  • whether your game has analogs (or what famous board games are closest to your design);
  • at what stage is the development (beta-version, ready for publication);
  • how much time have you tested the game (played in different companies, people of different ages, different sexes, etc.);
  • a short video outlining the purpose of the game and the basic rules (link);
  • rules of the game.

We are pleased to get acquainted with your project and agree on comfortable conditions for cooperation. Together with you we will plunge into the creative atmosphere and, with the help of our experts, we will breathe life into your board game world!

Warning about copyright compliance at the analysis stage, we want to inform you that the fact itself sending us a prototype of your board game is a confirmation of your copyrights. & nbsp; in our correct behavior when working with authors. & nbsp;

We work together:

Kolinichenko Nantaliya  (speech therapy games)

Dondyuk Nikolay  ("Grib-OK")

•   Yakovenko Ivan («Dino Battle»)

Vadim Nikolaev ("Ninja vs Samurais")

Tikhenko Alexander ("Forest: Manticore legend", "Dino Land", "Dino Sport", "Smile", "Green Mexican", "Love Fants" (in co-authorship), "ZOORegatta", "NANO Corporation")

Oleinikov Eugene ("Forest: Manticore legend", "Dino Land", "Dino sport", "Smile", "Green Mexican", "Love Fants" (in co-authorship), "Naval Battle")

Tikhenko Irina ("Dino Land", "Dino Sport", "Smile", "Green Mexican", "Love Fants", "Gradus" (in co-authorship)),

Oleynikova Lyudmila ("Dino Land", "Dino Sport", "Smile", "Green Mexican", "Love Fants", "Gradus"  in co-authorship), the series "Dress up the doll" (the author of the idea)).

Do you want the whole world to know about your board game or only the elected?! Will it be played by colleagues and partners or friends and wholefamilies? Will players be able to forget about the time spent or will they meet every weekend?!

These and many other questions together we will find the answers. As a minimum — you will get a fresh, well-reasoned and professional view from the outside. As a maximum — get support for the development, release and implementation of your board game.

We will be glad to new ideas, insane offers and talented authors!

Send your questions and suggestions to e-mail: office@bombatgame.com

"GribOK" - a new hit game for the whole family!

New from BombatGame team: board game "Grib'OK" - is a fun and rewarding vacation with the family We invite all fans of desktop card games escape from the summer heat in the cool of the forest and take a fascinating "quiet hunt"! 
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