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Development and publication of copyright corporate games

One of the activities of our company — the development of branded corporate gifts.

We will be able to develop and create a board game on any necessary topics! The game can be just entertaining or focused on getting to know the main types of your products or services. For children or adults, for a small or large company — we will offer and prompt the best option!

Our customers have already become well-known brands, such as "Molokiya" TM ("Ternopil Dairy Plant") and "Rich Kids" TM ("Coca-Cola Ukraine Limited"). For our clients, special board games for children were developed and published in accordance with the technical assignment.

For example, for "Molokiya" TM, in close cooperation with the company's specialists, was released the board game "Milky Way", which demonstrates to the children the whole way that milky production of "Molokiya" TM passes through the stage before getting on the shelf of the store.

And for "Rich Kids" TM our team developed a board game with the characters of the brand, which was given to the participants of the action of "Rich Kids"TM.

Key features of the proposed board game

Board game can be developed in the “2 in 1″ format:

game with simple mechanics for children aged 4 to 8 years, focused on the development of abstract thinking skills and oral accounts;
a game for children from 8 years old, which provides further development of skills in strategic thinking, planning and communication skills.

Board game designed in accordance with customer and industry specialization will focus on the introduction of the main types of products, goods and services enterprises customer.

The main components of the board game

A special place in the manufacturing process takes design concept of the game, the box (including the form) and design components. Visual experience players should experience a qualitatively complement the game mechanics, which creates the overall mood of the game and its appeal.

Box board game

Proposed resolution: 270x270x40, 290x370x60
Type: die-cut box with complex cutting
Printing: one-sided lamination (glossy / matt)

We offer professional design box with the placement of corporate symbols. “The theater begins with a hanger, and the game with the packaging” – we know how important it is to create a positive mood and arouse interest in the game.

branding box
branding field Playing field

Proposed resolution: 530×460
Type: 4-folding (folded 265×230)
Printing: two-sided lamination (glossy / matt)

Now become much more popular card games (without playing field) – we can offer such an option corporate board game.

Rule book

Estimated size: A5
Type: Brochure on page 12-24, 2 language Russian / Ukrainian
Printing: two-sided color printing

Brochure corporate board game may contain not only the rules, we can combine it with your advertisement booklet.

Game chips / cards

Proposed resolution: any
Type: die-cut cardboard
Printing: two-sided lamination (glossy / matt)

This component can also be use for placing a company logo or information about your products.

Variability quality components

We offer various options for selecting components of the game with the wishes of customers and functional need, as well as the trends in the development of material resources and technological capabilities in the industry.

The quality, functionality and look of the game is influenced by:

  • thickness of cardboard for the field, cards, tokens and its characteristics;
  • availability of lamination or UV coating;
  • use of magnets and soft iron for the convenient use of cards and tokens (other elements);
  • availability notching elements of different shapes;
  • availability of plastic miniatures or use cardboard (plastic) chips;
  • use of design or coated paper cardboard elements for finishing the game.

Availability increases the cost of a few plastic miniatures game, but makes it more tangible, convenient and attractive for players.

And if you need to develop — we will be happy to be useful!

Development and publication of games for TM "Rich Kids"
BombatGame team participated in the development and publication of branded board game for children. The bright and colorful game, made by order of HM "Rich Kids" - the manufacturer of the popular children's juices, became part of a large-scale advertising campaign of the brand.
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