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Development and publication of copyright corporate games

Developing and publishing board games for your company

One of the activities of our company is the development of branded corporate gifts and the production of custom board games. We have been producing Ukrainian board games since 2012, work with many authors and developers of game mechanics, and have several original prototypes of board games that we can offer to the customer. Our team knows how to produce a high-quality board game that meets all environmental and safety requirements. We have not only a Ukrainian quality certificate, but also a certificate of compliance with the requirements for children's toys in the USA. Our component base is regularly checked by Ukrainian and American laboratories. We will be able to work together and create a board game based on any required theme!

Main components of a board game

A special place in the production process is occupied by the design concept of the game, the box (including the form) and the design of the components themselves. Impressions from the game process should be qualitatively complemented by visual pleasure, which creates the overall mood of the game and its attractiveness. A board game can be just entertaining or focused on getting acquainted with the main types of your products, goods or services, and this also determines the composition and characteristics of the component base. The company's specialists will offer and suggest the best design and quality options for cards, fields, and boxes, depending on the audience: for children or adults, for a small or large company.

Board Game Box

We offer a professional box design with the placement of corporate symbols. "The theater starts with a hanger, and the game starts with packaging" - we know how important it is to create a positive mood and arouse interest in the game.

Playing field

The game, depending on the theme, can be played with or without a field, because now card games (without a playing field) are gaining more and more popularity – we can also offer this option of a corporate game.

The Rule Book

A brochure in a corporate board game may contain more than just the rules, but we can also combine it with your promotional booklet.

Game Tokens/cards, flashcards

This component can also be used to display the company's logo or information about your products.

Variable component quality

We offer various options for selecting game components, taking into account the customer's wishes and functional needs, as well as taking into account trends in the development of the material base and technological capabilities of the industry. The quality, functionality, and appearance of the game are affected by:

  • thickness of cardboard for making fields, cards, tokens and its characteristics;
  • presence of lamination or UV varnish;
  • use of magnets and soft iron for convenient use of cards and tokens (other items);
  • the presence of plastic miniatures (makes the game more tangible, convenient and attractive for players) or the use of cardboard (plastic) chips;
  • use designer or coated paper to finish the cardboard elements of the game.

Summing up, we note that we know how to create the right game and "fit" into the advertising budget without losing the appearance, since the production process is also within our competence.

Our custom board game publishing projects

Our clients are already well-known brands, such as TM "Molokia "(PJSC "Ternopil Dairy"), TM "Rich Kids "(LLC "Coca-Cola Ukraine Limited"). Special board games for children and adults have been developed and published for our clients in accordance with the terms of reference.

  • Together with TM "Molokia", the game" Milky Way "was released, which clearly demonstrates to children all the way that dairy products of TM" Molokia" go before they get on the store shelf.
  • For TM "Rich Kids", our team developed a board game with the brand's characters, which was awarded to the participants of the TM "Rich Kids" promotion.
  • Publication of the social educational boardgame “Happy Paw". A joint project of the Charity Foundation “Happy Paw "and TM "Purina".
  • Branding your own game for the company “Gradus for TM" Sea of Beer".
  • In collaboration with Kilogames and the film company M. D. S. LTD, the board game "Bobot" was publishedbased on the Ukrainian family science fiction film "Bobot and the Energy of the Universe".

We are waiting for you with new interesting projects and questions on the development and publication of branded board games, we will always be happy to be useful!

Development and publication of games for TM "Rich Kids"
BombatGame team participated in the development and publication of branded board game for children. The bright and colorful game, made by order of HM "Rich Kids" - the manufacturer of the popular children's juices, became part of a large-scale advertising campaign of the brand.
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