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Festival “Finding MADE IN UKRAINE” will bring together 200 of the best manufacturers from around the country
The BombatGame Team traditionally take part in the festival “Finding Made in Ukraine”. The festival will be held April 18-19 at the Kontraktova Square in Kiev. Organized by journalist Julia Savostina with the support of partners. 
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Ninja and Samurai – a very logical game!
We present you a strategic puzzle game: “Ninja and Samurai” – novelty has already appeared in our online store and will soon be presented in partner stores. Clear rules and the ability to change the difficulty of the game by using a different number of chips will make the game interesting for all ag...
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Action “For the company!” to the release of a new game!
The BombatGame team carries out the action “For the company!” to the release a new game for the party “Mexican Green: PARTY” ! Buy 2 Games in our online store and save 10%.
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Mexican Green: Light a party!
Great news from the BombatGame team: “The Mexican Green: PARTY” – soon the novelty will appear in our online store and retail partners.
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Boardgames from BombatGame in the festival “Nicholas theater”
The BombatGame Team eve of the most anticipated holidays of the New Year is involved in the festival “Nicholas theater” to be held on December 20-21 in the Mall “Caravan.”
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We’re waiting for all the friends at our stand at the fair, “Children’s World – 2014″ in Lviv!
On the eve of the fantastic winter season (27-30 November) in western Ukraine, PJSC “Gal-EXPO” gathers the leading producers of goods and services for children at one venue “Children’s World in 2014″.
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The first scenario of our customers to the game “Forest. Legend of the Manticore!”
The idea of the scenario «Invasion of monsters» was born in active discussion on Tesera, and because of the quality testing of game mechanics Burlaka Alexei, who suggested an interesting scenario. Download the scenario from our site and enjoy the game. Defeat has now become more difficult, but act as a united team players stand up in battle forgive the forces of Darkness! Good luck to all the soldiers of the Light in the world of steel and magic!
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Festival Made in Ukraine – Trade Fair “in Ukrainian style”!
October 11-12, BombatGame team took part in a very bright and positive festival Made in Ukraine . Two days passed in the same breath, a lot of interesting information and useful contacts, and we are grateful to the organizers of the festival for the opportunity to participate in this event and the highest level of the organization.
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Welcome to the second festival “Finding made ​​in Ukraine”
BombatGame team takes part in the second festival “Finding Made in Ukraine”. Festival October 11-12 in Kyiv is carried Publisher “Economics”, Portal Delo.UA and journalist Yulia Savostina. During the festival, everyone will be able to see the full range of products – from food and toothbrush to coat and furniture that is made in Ukraine. 
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The first scenario of fans of naval games!
The first scenario from our buyers!
“The invincible Armada” (2 players, duration 30-60 minutes)
The idea of the scenario: Paul Vihljaev and son.
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