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Set of ships for naval battles!
In the New Year with renewed packaging!
Now a set of 4 boats to build packaged with installation instructio
2695
Game session with table games magazine “Mir Igr”!

We hasten to please all fans of the game, “Admiral” the good news!

January 19 at Cafe “friends” at Andrew’s Descent 2-D games store held a board game “The Admiral”, beginning at 12-00! We invite you to take part in the naval battles in the oceans!

2720
New exciting scenario “Pearl shelf”!
Gentle waves of warm southern seas with a slight rustle rolled on the sandy shore, and gently cradled the sink, which ripen in the magnificent pearl. Soft rays of the sun glare reflected in the water, and the merry twinkle play on live jewelry.
2695
Snezhkolep – cool find for the winter games!
Soon, soon will be more snow and you can not worry about the wet mittens after molding snowballs))) Light, comfortable + = super dry hands thing!
3687
Play with a board game Admiral in December 2012
Come, you will not regret!!!
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Igroteka release of “Admiral” in the club shop board games “Dungeon”
Igroteka release of “Admiral” in the club shop board games “Dungeon” will take place on December 8th at 17:00 at Kiev Bratsk ul.8
2521
The second game meeting of BombatGame Team in Dream Town
So, on Saturday, November 17, was the second games store with our game. We spent it in the “Dream Town” (Kiev Obolon Avenue 1-B) in conjunction with the store board games «Nastolki.com.ua».
3005
Pirates go to boarding Dream Town!
In the "School of the pirates' new set!
2482
Game room “School Pirates” in Legoberezhke place!
November 10 at 13:00 in the children’s center “Legoberezhka” the first games store on the board game “Admiral” “School of the pirates!” Coaches «Admiral-Club» tournament for the screenplay for “The Treasure of the old pirate.”
2854
Admiral-Club is open!
We decided to go to explore and decide on a good cafe permanent residence club and we found a NeKafe :) Overall – then we discovered America – “Besednitsa” in Kiev, known to many fans of board games. Play here was easy and fun, and in general a very cozy atmosphere.
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