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Top 5 delicious details about the "ZOOregata"

TOP 5 interesting facts about the history of the board game «ZOOregatta»:

  1. The first prototype of the children's board game “ZOOregatta” did not have hexagonal markings, but a rectangular one, which allowed players using diagonal movement through the cells to significantly save moves.

  2. Did you notice that in this version of “ZOOregatta” players needed to collect 7 animals, and not 6, as in the final version of the game. The number of animals decreased when the ability to knock an animal off an opponent ship was added to the game.

  3. Of all the animals from the prototype of the game, only Lion got to the final version. And here is the first composition of animals in "ZOOregatta": Rooster, Hare, Frog, Lion, Dolphin, Fish and Hedgehog.

  4. There were no whirlpools in the game and the ocean currents that were the basis of the game mechanics were more actively used.

  5. The first version of the children's board game "ZOOregatta" came out with a set of 4 different ships: Brig, Frigate, Galleon and Battleship. All ships differed in size and sails, but they were white. The idea to use ships of the same kind with colored sails was suggested by our buyer, and now in your game box you will find 4 models of ships of one of the listed models, but with colored sails. The main reason for such a replacement - the children argued who would sail on the largest ship.

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