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Logopedic games for the development of speech in Ukrainian

Problems with speech are not something rare and exceptional. Someone does not pronounce 2-3 sounds, but sometimes - that problems with speech are much more serious. But regardless of the complexity of speech problems in children, the work on correcting them is laborious and requires perseverance and perseverance. Where can We get them? Persistence is required not only from parents, but also from a child who wants to play, but does not deal with correcting speech defects.

 Gaming activity - leading in older preschoolers and remains very important for younger students. The game affects the formation of all mental processes, from the most elementary to the most complex.

The effectiveness of logopedic work is determined, of course, by the qualification of the speech therapist, his mastery of techniques, experience, his individual approach to the student. But only playing and playing techniques can make the learning process fun for the child.

How are games used in speech therapy work? The work of a speech therapist needs to use games and gaming techniques to an even greater extent than in conventional educational and educational activities. Why, ask?

First, preschool children, for the most part, do not have a conscious attitude to their speech defect. Some even believe that they are speaking correctly. Not having a negative attitude to his speech problems, the child does not have the desire to correct them. Therefore, the command methods of the speech therapist and volitional efforts of the child (which are just beginning to form at this age) are very unsuccessful.

Secondly, the process of setting and automating sounds is long and naturally uninteresting for a child. The child needs to repeat articulatory exercises many times, say syllables, words, phrases and sentences, saturated with the necessary sound. For children this seems difficult and uninteresting, which in turn leads to the fact that the child ceases to want to correct his speech. And it is the game, as the main activity of the preschooler, that helps to avoid these difficulties. In the process of the game, interest in the learning process is formed, the activity of the child is increased. The game allows you to combine in the activities of the child elements of the game and exercise, to achieve a gradual transition from games to productive activities. Aware of the importance of these arguments, Bombatgame, in cooperation with practicing speech therapist Natalia Kolenchuk, developed and published a series of speech therapy games in the Ukrainian language "Ya vzhe veLiky" on the automation of sound L and "Ya vzhe doRosly" on the automation of sound R.

 In recent years, the number of children with different verbal pathologies has increased at times. In addition to disturbances in sound reproduction, infringements of other components of the verbal process are very often diagnosed in children: the poverty of the dictionary, problems in constructing phrases, and the low level of development of coherent speech. The mental base of speech also suffers: perception, memory, thinking, attention. This, in turn, often leads to a delay in the overall development. We took this into account when developing our games, forming tasks in such a way that the automation of sounds was accompanied by the development of vocabulary in children, the ability to form sentences and phrases, the development of logic and memory. Playing with children in speech therapy games it is possible not only to correct speech disorders, but also to warn them that it is really easier and more effective.

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