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Doll magnets Taras from the series "Choose your profession"

Good news for girls - girlfriends Adeline and Eveline and Oksana appeared in the company of a real gentleman Taras! New magnetic doll for role-playing games opens a series of "Choose your profession", in which children can reincarnate her doll with the help of magnetic outfits in a real professional in their field. The choice of the child at the Taras there are suits of fire, artist, rock musician, police and other outfits.

Taras become a real protector of beautiful girls Adeline, Eveline and Oksana from the series "Dress up doll", which can always rely on courageous friend. Tweet In our Taras girls can appear elegant gentleman and escort them to the evening reception in a stylish suit.

Magnetic doll Taras enhance the ability of the child to role-playing games and introduce him to the world of adult professionals.

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