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Ninja and Samurai – a very logical game!

We present you a strategic puzzle game: “Ninja and Samurai” – novelty has already appeared in our online store and will soon be presented in partner stores. Clear rules and the ability to change the difficulty of the game by using a different number of chips will make the game interesting for all ages.Ninja vs Samurai

The game “Ninja and Samurai” – a puzzle game of chance!
One of the participants playing for the Ninja and must leave the walls of the Temple, passing the guard, all the other members of the team for the match play Samurai, and their goal is to surround the elusive spy.

The main goal in the game – to earn the title of the highest dignity:
- Ninja who could not stop even 6 Samurai, can claim to be Dzёnin, head of the clan.
- Samurai who have coped with three scroll thief can call himself Shogun, the military rulers.

It is important that game teaches team work , because the Samurai have a common goal and must work together.

Age players from 6 years old
Composition of the game:
- The playing field 38 x 27 cm
- 1 chip ninja
- 6 chips samurai
- 6 colored tokens,
- 7 Feet to the chip,
- Game Rules

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