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Announcement of a novelty about trains from a Ukrainian author

Good news for all fans of the railway theme! Since January 2020, we began to work on the publication of a new game about locomotives, cars, semaphores and so on. The author of the game is Alexey Galchenko, who is already familiar to all fans as an author historical and patriotic game "Cossack campaign". He works (we think it's not hard to guess) ... on the Ukrainian railway! Of course Alexey could not get around the familiar topic of railway management. The game was tested for 2 years by the author in the professional environment of railway workers, and by the Bombat Game team in the circle of board game lovers and received positive reviews from all participants. Especially thanks for the interesting ideas to really professional testers at the Geekosphere 2019 in glorious Lviv.

Let's open some secret facts about our new game.

  • Firstly: the game is exclusively a card game, and therefore it will be compact, it won’t take up much space in your backpack or bag, therefore this board game can be played in a train carriage, outdoors and generally anywhere.
  • Secondly: the game is designed for 3-6 players, so it will be ideal for a company of 4 passengers!
  • Thirdly: the board game will have a bright design and interesting mechanics of interaction between the players, so it will be useful to parents who travel the whole family by railway!

Briefly about the new board game:

Players manage the railway station - dozens of trains with hundreds of wagons arrive and leave the station around the clock. But these trains need to be formed, sorted and controlled, and so that each locomotive is loaded as efficiently as possible. Well, you need to take care of the development of the station - to build new track, to ensure cargo flow ...

The station where the players ended up has only two tracks, and players need to use the station's resources to ensure the departure of various types of trains: freight, passenger, high-speed, using a fleet of locomotives. Each player tries to use his locomotives with the greatest benefit for himself, to form and send as many cars as possible and earn reputation points. Players will have at their disposal an arsenal of additional tactical tools and strategies: new tracks, semaphores, revisions, shunting trains and special fire trucks.

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