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New items in 2020 on the Ukrainian board games market: AquaFest and Traffic

Summer 2020 is coming to an end and the time of autumn bad weather is approaching.

This is the time for gatherings at home with friends, since the weather in autumn often makes it impossible to walk outside and everyone is looking for a way to have fun at home. Help in solving the question: "What to do at home?" can board games from the Bombat Game company. This summer we have released 2 new Ukrainian board games, and if in the summer you had an active rest and missed the hottest novelties of the tabletop underground, we will be happy to remind you of them and tell you where, how and for whom you can buy board games from the Ukrainian publisher.

  • So, new # 1 - Traffic board game . This is a compact card game for 2-6 players, in which all participants compete for the title of the best railway station manager. The game was developed by a professional in this industry, somewhere in the depths of Ukrzaliznytsia and reflects the essence and logic of tasks in the field of transport management. The board game "Traffic" will be interesting for children who will be happy to count and send trains with wagons and will certainly appeal to experienced board gamers, as it has a large arsenal of tactical and strategic techniques due to the ability to play various combinations of cards. Super cool design, interesting action maps, resource management - all the goodies of the board game came together in this game!
  • New # 2 - Super marine, funny and bright board game" AquaFest ". This is a mix of a card board game and a game of laying out a field of tiles. According to legend, the entire seabed is strewn with fragments of shells (a field of tiles) and hunters for underwater treasures collect these fragments with the help of underwater inhabitants, who can take the player in one direction or another for several cells. Moving around the field, players can not only collect the most beautiful and valuable fragments of shells with pearls, but also try to take prey from other players, but they can expect a surprise, because not all sea inhabitants are as harmless as they seem. The game will really appeal to girls who by their nature love to collect jewelry and put everything in order.

Now to the questions where, how and for whom you can buy board games from the Ukrainian publisher :

Where? Of course, the easiest way is to buy board games on our website, where we guarantee availability, and become a member of the loyalty program from the Bombat Game team: a 5% discount upon registration, bonuses up to 7% for the next games, bonuses for reviews and registration.

How? It's very simple, add a product to your cart and place your order by choosing a convenient payment and delivery method. No time, use the quick order form and we will try to do all the formalities for you ourselves.

For whom? We can offer you board games for any age, for a girl or for a boy, for a child, teenager or for a couple. We can select the game according to your interests, just select the desired category and subcategory or give us a call!

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