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Interesting thoughts on the economic game "NANO Corporation"

The release of our economic strategy in the fall of 2017 aroused great interest among board game lovers. Especially because economic model "NANO Corporation" totally different from the "Monopoly" and its clones. The game model is close to the realities of the Ukrainian business and it reflects the influence of the basic economic principles and laws:

  • The law of supply and demand (expressed in the game of falling prices for resources with an increase in the capacity for the production of these resources).
  • The right of the monopolist to regulate the price within certain limits.
  • Improving production efficiency through investment in technology improvement.
  • “Time is money” is a principle that a mobile player can visually realize.

And this is not a complete list of economic chips, analogies with which can be found in the game “NANO Corporation”.

All this caused a keen interest in the game and a discussion, during which interesting ideas were expressed on how to improve the game, optimize and develop it. We would like to express our gratitude for active participation in the discussion to Evgeny Tkachenko, organizer of the club of board games "Blue Suitcase" in Cherkasy, who not only puzzled us with interesting questions, but also prepared alternative version of the rules of the game "NANO Corporation", which is now posted in the “Rules” section of the game page.

Here are some interesting suggestions:

1. The right of a monopolist should be set precisely in the phase “Monopoly” - this approach eliminates unnecessary “fiddling”: in this version: the player checks the monopoly when he can take advantage of the corresponding effect. I'm a monopolist? Yes - I put a marker and make the increase / decrease in price this turn.

In the current version of the rules, the monopolist’s right is set in the “Investments” phase and the marker is changed to the exchange, however, the situation may change before the next player’s move, therefore there is no useful effect from changing the marker.

2. Make a wage payment in a separate phase, after the “Investment” phase , while in this phase you should already prohibit the sale of resources, then if the player miscalculated with money that was not enough for the salary, then his workers would go on strike. This will allow more ordering of the game, in addition, it will resolve the unnatural situation when the player forgot to pay one worker, and all of his workers are on strike.

However, as an objection, it should be noted that this proposal somewhat reduces the interaction of players who are pleased to watch their opponents and “catch” them hot, and this is possible only in a situation when salary payment is not highlighted as a separate stage of the move.

3. The main issue of discussion is the rules for determining a monopolist.

One suggestion: do not count unused capacity when calculating. This is a perfectly feasible option and if a player on his turn showed the largest volume of production (at any given time, players see who planned what to release on their next turn), then he should be given the right of a monopolist this turn. This will even add sharpness to the struggle for the right of a monopolist.

The current version of the rules of “NANO Corporation” stipulates that capacities, even if they are not used, are involved in calculating the total number of capacities for determining a monopolist, and this is important for building a strategic line of play.

That's actually all the interesting details about our economic game “NANO Corporation” today, but our team proposes to continue the discussion and would like to hear the players' opinions about what they liked in our editorial staff of the rules and the alternative version edited by Evgeny Tkachenko.

Looking forward to feedback!

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