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New design of the game from the series "Love-fants" for the day of lovers

On the eve of the holiday of all lovers, our team will delight all romantics reissue of the game for a pair of "Love-fants: Romantic." Let's tell in a few words what has changed:

  1. The design of the box with the game has changed, now it is a bright romantic composition that looks stylish and modern. We have long chosen the design of the box, as this picture forms the expectations and first impressions of the game. We had a difficult choice and we attracted our subscribers and board game lovers to evaluate new designs. And now the game has gained impressive art.

  2. The new edition of the game for lovers has received a classic box of the “lid-bottom” type, and now “Love-Fants: Romantic” is a wonderful stylish gift in a great package.
  3. The game received a useful correx - all components of the game will be reliably protected upon delivery to the client and at home. The correx allows the cards not to crumble and not wrinkle - it is convenient and practical.
  4. We keep up with the times and therefore have updated some tasks in the game, from which it has become even more relevant and romantic.

Well, for those who still do not know what “Love-fants: Romantic” is, we briefly recall the main game points:

  • In the box there are two envelopes with phantoms: blue - “for him”, pink - “for her”. A couple expect both classic romantic surprises, and quite intriguing tasks that require some preparation.
  • It is not necessary to perform all the fants, you can perform any of them at one of the levels of difficulty. For performing fants on the first level, you get 1 point, on the second - 2 points, on the third - 3 points.
  • To mark points scored, use a magnetic tablet with chips.
  • The winner, the first to reach 20 points, can fulfill his cherished desire!

The main thing - enjoy the game!

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