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"NANO-Corporation" teaches children to understand economics

Economic board games are gaining popularity and becoming a fashionable trend, and today more and more of our people make a conscious choice in favor of economic games such as NANO-corporation. A good economic board game allows the child to gain insight into many important things that the school does not pay enough attention to: money, investments, market prices, assets, profits, wages. But our children hear these concepts every day from their parents and close environment, but often without explaining how it works. Our economic board game "NANO-Corporation" can fill this gap.

In this game, everyone will build a business, trying to make the most of their business acumen, start-up capital and employee labor. The game uses a number of basic economic laws that are useful for both adults and children. Launching mines and open-pit mines, trading in resources and risky operations with competitors' enterprises (and a bit of luck) will allow you to create your own industrial empire. The main goal of the game is to be the first to produce a biorobot at your enterprise!

During the game, the child will gain an understanding of how the market economy works and he will acquire the following knowledge:

1. What is Manufacturing? Participants in the economic game will produce goods at their enterprises, for which they have the required amount of resources and which have the required number of workers.

2. What is Monopoly? Players with the greatest ability to produce the resource are entitled to adjust the price.

3. What is the market? In the game "NANO-Corporation" there is an exchange where prices for resources are set, they fall if the volume of production increases. Children are introduced to the concepts of market price and exchange.

4. What is investment? Participants in the game acquire enterprises, technologies at the university, hire workers at the labor exchange or buy high-speed transport at a car dealership. All this gradually increases the profit of the corporation.

5. What is planning? With limited resources, players plan their production for their next turn, and redistribute workers and technologies between their factories.

In fact, this is not a complete list of those economic concepts that children learn about in a playful way from the" NANO-corporation ", and you must admit that these are important things that should be introduced to a child at the age of 8-14. Buy game "NANO-corporation " & nbsp; can be on our website or in partner stores. A training video on our Youtube channel will help you learn the rules of the game.

Successful investment for everyone!

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NANO-corporation - teach children about economics!
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