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Board game "Mushroom" - your reliable companion on the journey :)

Summer is the time of travel. Long - to the sea, to the grandmother, or all together. Short - for the weekend at the cottage. Quite short - for a day at a picnic (especially now that the rainy season is coming to an end :)). However, if you travel with children, the question arises before you - what to do (with adults, however, this question is also not excluded, especially if you are the organizer of the trip)? Of course, there is always the opportunity to entrust the solution of this issue to various gadgets - children (and adults) and will not notice that something has changed around;) On the other hand, it is possible to show real parental wisdom and a strong-willed decision to prohibit / radically restrict the use of smartphones and other tablets - in this case you can enjoy the view of the children wandering around merrily, and trying to guess the position of the heavenly bodies to guess the time of the end of such a "fascinating" holiday (especially if the adults with this are just gadgets use):(

Нand if your plans do not include organizing a video games salon on the road, or trying on the role of the greatest family tyrant of all times and peoples (in the eyes of children, for sure) - then it's time to take care of what you will fill your free time between different activities (for example, after dinner, or in the evening). And then you are ready to help the board games!

The table-top is an ideal variant of joint family pastime. It's fascinating - a good board game can take no worse than a computer game. It's communicative - the game process involves constant communication between players and not only on the theme of the game itself. This is educational, after all - who else can teach a child to win and deserve to take defeats, but not parents? And, what is characteristic, the operability of the board game is guaranteed even in the absence of electricity and access to the Internet :)

However, in order to get all the advantages listed above, it is necessary to think carefully about choosing a desktop that goes on a trip with you. If the means of your travel is not immodest SUV (and especially if the car, as a means of transportation from home to a place of rest is not considered at all), then a large enough box will take the lion's share of free space in the trunk / bag / backpack. In addition, a large desktop and space for the game will require fairly, which can be a serious problem. Therefore, the first requirement for a board game, which will become your companion on the journey - it must be compact.

The second important point is the length of the game. If it is more than an hour - you simply do not have time for everything else :) So the game should be fast enough.

The third condition for organizing a successful outing on the road is the opportunity to involve a maximum of participants in the game process. If the game is only for two, and your plans do not include the organization of the tournament, then you need a board game for several players.

Well, the fourth - it is quite possible that some of the participants will see the game for the first time, which means that the game should be such that its rules can be explained in five minutes, no more.

There are a lot of good board games, but to choose among them one that would correspond to all four conditions is not so simple. But do not worry - we took care of everything, and created just such a game, which is ideal for travel. So, «Mushroom» :)

This game is very small and compact - the box of the game has dimensions of only 16 by 13 and 3 centimeters - it will fit easily even in a small purse, not to mention a travel bag or a backpack where it will be almost invisible.

Expand the game can be almost anywhere - on the table in railway van, on the blanket, but at least on the stump :)

The rules of the game are very simple - all players will become mushroom pickers, and go to the forest for mushrooms. In the box with the game, two decks of cards: one with cards of baskets, and the other with cards of mushrooms and animals.

Cards of the baskets are laid out on the table, and for them the mushroom pickers will wage a desperate struggle, trying as much as possible to fill the baskets with mushrooms.

Help in this hard business mushroom pickers will be funny forest animals: a thief-bunny will take away the cards of competitors, a smart squirrel will help get rid of poisonous mushrooms in the basket you like, a faithful dog will find additional mushrooms, and a hedgehog will transfer a few mushrooms from another's basket to yours.

The game is very simple, but it is exciting and exciting - collect combinations of cards, promptly contact the animals for help and luck will be on your side. Since the game is intended for use in marching conditions - all cards have two-sided lamination, and therefore are not afraid even of splashing liquid or food pieces - just remove the contamination with a damp cloth (although they should not be dipped in water).

The price of the game makes it available to all buyers, and to make your choice even easier - until August 31 we provide free delivery for any order of our games, which has a game «Mushroom». Use the gribok coupon when placing an order and use the free delivery in Ukraine. If you still hesitate - you have the opportunity to see the game in full detail in the video-review.

Add «Mushroom» to your collection of board games - and enjoy! Enjoy your travels and excellent pastime with board games of the company "Bombat Game" :)

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