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Word of the author of the game "Dino Battle" - Ivan Yakovenko

The Bombat Game company continues the traditional column "Word of the Author", which tells interesting stories of our authors creating their board games. The authors and developers of board games share their impressions of cooperation with our team in the process of publishing a board game.

Today, Ivan Yakovenko, the author of our novelty, tells his story: logical game "Dino Battle", which recently appeared on shelves and storefronts (October 2019).


Game story Dino Battle.

Since the early 2010s, the theme of dinosaurs began to appear on the market in the form of games and films. At the same time, I was working on a project that had nothing to do with the lizards. As part of this project, two mini-games were developed, and one of them in a prehistoric setting.

At first, the author refused to be distracted from the main gameplay in favor of non-priority tasks. But in the winter of 2014, at the insistence of the co-founder, art director and at the same time best friend, whom the author trusted as himself, as well as with the moral support of his wife, who loves dinosaurs, the mini-game was developed and tested within the team. And although it had to lie on the table until the main game was presented to a potential publisher, it was periodically taken out to relax after work or to go on a visit.

But in 2016, the project had to be closed, and all intellectual property rights remained with the author. In 2017, I meet in the FB with Irina Tikhenko. I brought several games to the meeting, among which there was something about dinosaurs under the working title “Ecosystem”. This was the simplest game that I brought. But it was she who was most interested in the publisher. The game was taken for tests. And although the release was delayed for a long time, in the fall of 2019 the game saw the light of day. And on October 13, I received my copy of the author.

Although this is not my first game, mass-produced, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the graphics and the reliability of the components. They were on top. I have not seen such a level for more than 13 years of work at a past publishing house, where small-format games were made from materials of poor quality. In my hands was not a one-day thick paper game, but a real souvenir. Pleased with the attention of artists to the essence of the gameplay, which is quite rare. The principle of the game could be understood only by looking at the box, where a predatory lizard, breaking out of plants, wanted to get a herbivore grazing near those same plants. And above them in the sky the pterodactyl proudly and independently soared, remaining as if “outside the system”, which corresponds to the rules of the game. The Bombat game Publishing House has proven that it can make a premium product out of a small format game, which can be a good present, the opening of which will be a real event.

Good game!

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