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Congratulations on the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks opening a pre-order for the game "Cossack Campaign"!

Having arisen as scattered small associations of warriors who gathered to protect the Ukrainian lands from the raids of the nomads from the Wild Fields, the Ukrainian Cossacks turned into a force in just one century, which had a tangible influence first on military and then on political life, like the Rech Pospolita, and neighboring states.

It is not surprising that such a dynamic community, with ample opportunities at that time to promote talented leaders, quickly grew into a purely military role, becoming a powerful state-forming factor. Cossack leaders were not only skilled commanders, but also farsighted politicians, worked on the development of Ukrainian education and culture (which is only the Kiev-Mohyla Academy, to the creation and development of which great efforts were made by Pyotr Sagaidachny), sought political rights of the Cossacks, and everything - were the main defenders of the interests of ordinary Ukrainians.

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Without exaggeration, the "golden age" of the Cossacks was the 17th century. Thus, the national military-political organization, which was managed on the basis of a broad democracy, naturally led the liberation movement of Ukrainians who were striving for their own statehood. This goal seemed as close as ever, but still remained unattainable - none of the Cossack leaders managed to achieve a sustainable unification of the Ukrainian lands around themselves for a time sufficient for the formation of the state.

It is this task that is proposed to be solved by the players in the game “Cossack campaign” - using troops, to unite the Ukrainian lands. And for this, players will need determination and political wisdom, the ability to negotiate and make deals.

All players act in the game or as the Cossack hetman (changes periodically during the game), or as atamans (all other players except the hetman). The hetman with the help of cards issues orders to go to capture one city or another, and each ataman decides to submit to the hetman’s will, or resist it, by playing the appropriate disobedience card.

The “Cossack campaign” perfectly conveys the atmosphere and peculiarities of the Cossack policy - not one of the Cossack hetmans is able to move the Cossack regiments like chess figures, pinned to his will. In order to achieve the fulfillment of his orders, the hetman will have to gain the support of the atamans with the help of gold, words and power. Accordingly, the hetman pays gold to those atamans who carried out his order, uses additional cards to convince atamans to execute his order (for example, the “Fiery Speech” card), or force them to do so. In their turn, atamans with the help of disobedience cards can shy away from fulfilling orders of the hetman (for example, the “Disobedience” card), turn orders in their favor (the Mutiny card, or remove the hetman from the position at all (“Declare mistrust” card). Of course This is not a complete list of cards; a deck of action cards carries many surprises and opportunities for unexpected moves and combinations.

Cards and coins from the game Cossack campaign

Performing orders given detachments (denoted by hike chips), are sent from town to town. The hetman, during the execution of the order of which the Cossacks reached the next city, takes this city under his control, denoting it with his own seal.

The main task of the players is precisely the establishment of control over the cities. Each city controlled by a player at the end of the game brings him victory points, the number of which differs depending on the difficulty of the task. Cities located further from the Sich bring more points, the number of which is indicated on the cards of these cities.

Also points to the player brings the performance of additional tasks defined by the corresponding cards. For example, control over the largest number of cities (the Conqueror of Cities card), or retaining the hetman’s post at the end of the game (The Last Hetman card). Of course, additional tasks are much more, but let others remain secret until you start playing. :)

In addition, at the beginning of the game, each player receives a card from one of the famous Ukrainian hetmans: Severin Nalyvayko, Peter Sagaidachny, Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Ivan Mazepa or Peter Doroshenko. Each hetman has a personal task to capture a particular city, control over which will give him a tangible advantage. Who plays for what hetman - remains a secret until the end of the game, which means that players will have to show their ingenuity, analyzing the moves of competitors to uncover the true plans and destroy them, while simultaneously implementing their own.

The routes by which each player will move troops in the direction of the cities he seeks to control will partially overlap. Accordingly, quite often it will be possible to support a neighbor in order to create a more advantageous position for yourself on the next turn. At the same time, you should always evaluate whether you do not give the opponent a decisive advantage - carefully plan your strategy and do not forget to follow what others are doing;) At the same time, the texts and design of the game have a good Cossack humor, so there will be entertainment for you no less than thinking :)

Playing the “Cossack campaign” you will feel the unique atmosphere of that turbulent era, when the Ukrainians for the first time, after the fall of Kievan Rus, approached the restoration of their own state. Try on the hetman's mace and check what you could achieve at the head of the formidable Cossacks.

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