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BombatGame in TOP-8 Ukrainian manufacturers of baby products in the category "Best brand of children's toys and products for development and creativity"

BombatGame entered the eight best Ukrainian producers of desktop games, toys and products for creativity according Ivona portal and project ". His "which launched the popular award ProBrand Kids, which should identify and mark the best manufacturers of children's products in Ukraine. In 2017, the prize includes 5 categories and 30 nominees, and the winners will determine the online voting from March 20 to April 7.

The contamination of the TOP-8 Ukrainian producers in the category "Best brand of children's toys and products for the development and creation" it is a great achievement, but the competition is still ongoing, and you can help your favorite brand to become the winner of the ranking and the winner in other categories: The best children's clothing brand, best brand of children's shoes, children's best brands of accessories, the best brands of baby textiles and decor.

Visit the official contest page ProBrand Kids and in the category "Toys" click on the star below our brand BombatGame. We appreciate your support!

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