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Festival “Finding MADE IN UKRAINE” will bring together 200 of the best manufacturers from around the country

The BombatGame Team traditionally take part in the festival “Finding Made in Ukraine”. The festival will be held April 18-19 at the Kontraktova Square in Kiev. Organized by journalist Julia Savostina with the support of partners.

We invite you to visit this bright and unforgettable event, and our stand with board games : “Admiral”, “Treasures of the old pirate,” “ZOORegata”, “Battleship”, “Forest: The Legend of Manticore.”

On the third festival “Finding Made in Ukraine”, our team will present new items this year: a game for “Green Mexican: PARTY” and very logical game “Ninja and Samurai” !

You will find our stand in the park right next to the square near the monument Sagaydachnogo which will be created Children’s area with educational games and professional children’s entertainers.

The festival, with the participation of BombatGame Team will be organized game meeteng, where everyone will be able to play in our Games: “Ninja and Samurai” from 11:00 to 12:00 and “ZOORegata” from 15:00 to 16: 00.

Read more on the website Delo.UA . We are waiting for you, see you at the festival!

Location: Kyiv, Kontraktova square, Children’s Zone

How to get there: Metro Kontraktova square

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