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Winners of the National Competition "Best Toy 2019"

At the largest exhibition of goods for children and toys, BabyExpo, which is held annually at the International Exhibition Center, the Bombat Game team took part in the National Competition "Best Toy 2019".

Board games for children from the publisher Bombat Game were presented with the novelties of 2019 and won in their nominations:

  • "Cossack campaign" was recognized as the clear winner in the nomination "The best historical and patriotic game"
  • "DINO-Land" celebrated victory in the nomination "Best family game"

The best historical and patriotic game "Cossack campaign"

The best family board game "DINO-Land"

We are pleased that the expert jury of the Ukrainian toy competition highly appreciated the work of our team, which was conducted by us together with the authors of the board games presented and of course the winners deserve to be noticed by parents and board game lovers.

Board game "DINO-Land" developed by our team on the basis of the original mechanics, combining the movement of chips on the playing field and determining the player's progress using the dice, and it is precisely the correct movement of chips around the field that brings the player a tactical and strategic advantage, which ultimately ensures victory. The game contains amazing colorful dinosaur figurines, which are used instead of chips. The game designed for children from 6 years and older. For a child of 7-8 years old, this board game will unfold to the full when a systemic vision of tactics and strategy is formed.

Historical game "Cossack campaign" - This is the author's development of Alexei Galchenko, which we could not not publish! It is fully consistent with the spirit of the brightest era of the formation of Ukrainian statehood. The game is designed for the age of 10 years, and children of senior school age, who study the Cossacks in the history lessons of Ukraine, can in a game form to get acquainted with the most interesting milestone in the development of our country. 

The full results of the competition for the best Ukrainian toy can be found here.

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