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The game "Dino Battle" - the winner in the nomination "Best Family Game"

The Ukrainian contest "Best Toy 2020" had ended in Kiev, and this time Bombat Game team confirmed its reputation as one of the best publishers of board games for children in Ukraine. Our novelty, the logical game “Dino Battle”, won the nomination “Best Family Game”! We want to thank the author, designer and all our friends and partners who took part in this project and wish no less successful ideas and board games. And now we’ll tell you more about our winner.

The game “Dino Battle” was presented to us by the author, Ivan Yakovenko, about 2 years ago, among a number of prototypes of board games that he brought to us for testing. The main idea of ​​the game is that 4 types of prehistoric creatures are fighting for dominance on the planet: carnivorous plants, herbivorous dinosaurs, tyrannosaurs and pterodactyls. Each type of creature has its own characteristics, both advantages and disadvantages, as well as its own conditions for victory. This is a logical checker game with putting chips on the field in order to build a winning combination, and it is the presence of various types of creatures that makes it interesting and dynamic.

This logical puzzle interested us and we took a prototype for testing in a children's audience and among fans of board games. The main question was asymmetric mechanics, which on the one hand was the highlight of the game, and on the other hand gave certain advantages to certain types. After quite lengthy tests, it became clear that a short game time allows us to implement the game in a mini-tournament format, when players take turns playing each kind of creature and get victory points based on the results of each game, and the result is summed up after the end of a series of games!

In the final version, the game turned out to be dynamic and exciting. The player who wins for one kind of creature wants in the next game to confirm his reputation as the best with a new kind of creature, with new tactics and strategy. Losing players get a chance to take revenge, including a victorious kind of creatures. The game captures and there is a desire to play another game in which all errors of previous games will be fixed. We think this is what caused the interest in the game.

Finally Dino Battle is just a great family board game, and here's why:

  1. Yes, in the game, each player is each for himself, but in the game often the participants cooperate, and this makes the game truly family-friendly.
  2. The game does not give strong advantages to those who read, write or consider faster. So children and parents can compete on equal terms.
  3. A game with magnetic chips, and it is easy to take with you on the road, travel or family trip!

You can buy the logic game "Dino Battle" on our website or in partner stores. And we will be glad if you share your observations and impressions of our best family game!

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