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Children's board game "AquaFest": how to play?

The novelty of this hot summer 2020 - the board card game "AquaFest" - pleased many players and we have received a huge amount of feedback from both professional players and board game fans. The main thing is that everyone likes the game, there is space for tactics and strategy, the players came up with interesting solutions for game situations and non-trivial techniques that increase the chances of winning.

But we collected not only customer and player feedback, we received great questions about the rules, systematized these questions and published on the page with the game.

Here are some important and interesting questions about the rules of the AquaFest board game:

Can I play 3 or more cards of the same kind in a row on my turn?

No, a player can only play one more card of the same type as the first card he played. That is, in total, a player in his turn to move around the field can play a maximum of 2 cards, if they belong to the same type.

If the result of the player's attack is a draw, do the cards that participated in the duel go to the discard?
Yes, after the completion of the attack, both cards that were played by the players go to the discard, regardless of the result, whether it was a draw or a victory of one of the players.

If the card says: "You move 3 cells in any direction", how is the player allowed to move the piece across the field, can you move less and change the direction of movement?
This card is played as follows: the player chooses one direction for movement: horizontal, vertical or diagonal, and in the chosen direction he can move the piece 1, 2 or 3 cells of his choice. The player must stop in front of an obstacle if it stands in his way. That is, you can walk any distance up to 3 cells, but only in one direction, without changing it.

How are the "Diagonal / Vertical / Horizontal" cards played if the range is not specified?
Cards on which the range is not indicated are played as follows: the player chooses the permitted direction (diagonal / vertical or horizontal) and moves the piece to the last available square of the field (even if there are no bottom tiles on it), where he stops. The player will also be forced to stop on a free cell in front of an obstacle if there is a cell occupied by another player or a coral in his path.

There is a card in the game that swaps players in places. How is it played by the player who is on his “home tile”?
A very good question, this is a rare situation, but it can happen. In this case, the player who plays the card occupies the square of the field on which the chosen opponent stands, and he, in turn, returns the token to his home tile, since according to the rules it is prohibited to occupy the “home tile” of another player.

When (at what exact moment) does the player get the opportunity to move the start tile?
There are several situations in the game when a player returns to his "house": at the beginning of the game, after a defeat in a duel, as a result of the action of another player's card, and when he skips a move and draws 2 cards from the deck. In all these cases, after this event, the player can simply move his "house" with a chip away from the edge of the field. And at the beginning of the next move, he chooses a place where he moves his "house" with a chip and makes a move from this position.

Can a player attack 2 times on his turn? Did he attack, walk with the second card of the same type and attack again?

Yes, the player can attack as many times as he wants at any time, in this game this is not limited by the rules, only by the presence of cards in the player's hand. We remind you that if a player chooses to walk, he plays cards from his hand - attacks, moves, etc. and only after completing all his game actions, at the end of the turn, he draws 1 card from the deck and passes the turn to the next player.

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