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BombatGame Team

Bombat Game — Ukrainian board games for the whole family!

  • more than 8 years in the market of children's goods and toys;
  • near 30 board games for children and adults + 2-3 new games each year!;
  • 4 branded board games, designed specifically for our customers TM «Molokiya», TM «Rich Kids», TM «Happy Paw», TM «More Pyva»;
  • more than 50 Toy Library and master classes for children and adults;
  • participation in the largest forums, exhibitions and festivals, such as «Igrosfera», «BabyExpo», «In search of Made in Ukraine»;
  • our clients are such well-known brands as «Будинок Іграшок», «Розумна Дитина», «Буква», «Микки», «Мишутка», «Чудо-остров», «Книголенд», «UA Made», «Книгарня Є», «Be Smart», «Знайка», «Иград» etc.
  1. We provide support for our games and take care of the personnel of trading platforms
  2. We manufacture custom board games on order. A board game with the logo and symbols of your company is an unusual method of advertising, a wonderful gift to colleagues and partners.
  3. We fulfill the dreams of all who dream of seeing a bright board game of their authorship on store shelves. Our experts will help to determine whether the game is promising and choose a convenient way of cooperation.
  4. We are a socially responsible company and we are engaged in charitable work, working closely with the "Tabletochki" charitable foundation, as well as taking an active part in the sponsorship programs of children's events of the country and supporting the development of a table game culture in Ukraine
  5. We want the Ukrainian culture to be represented in other countries and we are in search of convenient distribution channels.
  6. We help to increase sales from dealers and partners at the expense of Toy Library, festivals and events, weekly e-mail newsletters and publications in Facebook and Instagram social networks.

All that you see in the boxes with our games 

made exclusively in Ukraine!

From the very beginning, we set ourselves a rather ambitious task: the games that the company will produce must be really produced in Ukraine, that is, Import can only be raw materials. And the more often I heard: "In Ukraine, this can not be done!", The more pleasant was the moment when Bombat Game became the first company in Ukraine, which was able to establish the production of complex plastic ship figures that became the hallmark of games on the naval theme.

Own production gives a big advantage in the operational replenishment of goods at all points of sales. Unlike our foreign competitors, we do not need to plan deliveries for several months and delivery of the goods takes 1-2 days.

main features of our games

  • it's own development or the work of authors with whom we cooperate;
  • our games — this is a quality design, a large colorful box with many components inside;
  • at manufacturing we use only qualitative components which have passed the sanitary-and-hygienic control and are worthy of representation in the market of the children's goods and in family game collections;
  • We have games with different difficulty levels and in different price categories;
  • information on games and rules are presented in Ukrainian, Russian and English;
  • the atmospheres of our little tablets conquer children and adults: rules and illustrations, tokens and miniatures - everything to be imbued with marine themes, to taste the taste of salt on your lips, the death breathing of Manticore and the rage of warriors, the impressions of travel and the joy of mining the long-awaited trophy!

We are proud that we are a national company

and do everything for the development of production in Ukraine.

Bombat game History

We are always open to new proposals for the publication of games and will happily support an interesting project. If you have a wonderful idea for a board game that you would like to implement or you want to share how we can become better — write to e-mail:office@bombatgame.com.

Sincerely, the team of Ukrainian authors and publishers of Bombat Game

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