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About us

“Get plenty of board games: good, different, high-quality and affordable to most buyers» - so one can state the main goal of our company.

Why board games? We assume that you already know the answer to this question as you came to the page of the company that develops and produces board games . If not, then we are ready to share with you our thoughts on this issue

The benefits of board games over the years are described so much that is very difficult to add to it something essential. The boom of computer games started 30 years ago, and a quick and final death was predicted for board games. However, these 30 years have passed, and now board games have not gone away – their number is growing. There is nothing surprising in this.

Propose a computer game to a baby who cries in his crib. It is unlikely that the result will please you. And if it is a bright and attractive children’s toy? The chances that the baby will start considering it with interest are much higher …

Older kids already enjoy playing computer games – and then grab toy tommy-guns and rush into the yard to play with other children

Everything has its time and place. Computer games now co-exist peacefully with desktop games and we hope that this situation will continue. Computer games dazzle us with colorful effects and provide an opportunity to immerse in a different – virtual – reality. A board game provides joy of communication with friends and family, brings together players from different generations, develops imagination, gently helps both children and adults to increase their intelligence, speed of thinking, scholarship and communication skills, and most importantly, help to have a great free time in a pleasant company! To give a positive impression to the owner, a board game has to be of high quality . And our company strives to do only such games. We are against the approach when games are available “in large quantities and at a cheap price, but with low quality.” So every game that we produce is thoroughly tested, has a high quality crafted design and detailed rules, meets all the requirements of the safety of children’s toys. And also – our games are fun, informative, useful and simply pleasant to a hand.

Our games have a reasonable price . We are not trying to earn all the money in the world selling a box with a board game, the price of our games is formed in a way to make them accessible to many buyers.

Our company is always attentive to wishes and comments of our customers. Contact us at email:office_eng@bombatgame.com about your experience on our gaming systems. Tell us what new games you would like to see – we will gladly work hard to meet your wishes. Suggest what improvements you would like to see in the already released games – and we will try to implement them.

If you are concerned about board games, and want to see the best embodiment of your ideas – come to us, and quite possibly, we will become partners.      

Best regards to everyone,

«BombatGame» Team