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How were Ukrainian board games created

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Board Games for Children and Adults from Bombat Game is a family business that started creating two families for their children in 2012, and we celebrated this spring for 7 years. It all started with the fact that we have 4 guys, gathered together and played board games, but we did not have enough interesting, high-quality and affordable board games for children 6-7 years old.

As a result, we all, both children and adults, were enthralled with the development of our own board games, and in 2 years this enthusiasm turned into a Ukrainian publishing house for children's board games. We had a great desire to create real Ukrainian board games: interesting, high-quality and at affordable prices, in which our children would play with enthusiasm, and we could be proud of them.

Creating a board game is a real magic, when you see by yourself the process of incarnation of ideas from the idea of the game to the real product that falls into the fans of desktop entertainment. Today in our assortment already more than 20 different board games for children and adults which you can buy on our site. In the catalog you will find detailed information about each of our games (description, rules, videos and additional scenarios).

Board games for children from the Bombat Game team are focused on the social development of children, the development of intelligence and logic, as well as communicative. Our children grow in a friendly atmosphere, which is created at the table by developing games. It's always a good occasion to have fun with your friends and family.

Board games for children and adults from the manufacturer

We are not the first to create board games, but we strive to create interesting games with miniatures for children at affordable prices. All our games are made in Ukraine, so the Bombat Game team can offer a European quality product, but our Ukrainian board games are more available. In addition, the organization of production in Ukraine creates jobs and provides income of Ukrainians who work with us and at partner enterprises.

We consider that board games in Ukraine, as a way to spend free time, are already quite common and go beyond the circle of "favorites". The first uncertain steps are already behind us, and now the board games will gradually and steadily conquer the hearts of Ukrainians, but to make them "ordinary" leisure, as in Europe, we need to work even better.

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