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Collection of funds for "NANO Corporation" completed
Our project on the "On Start" platform has been successfully completed, "NANO Corporation" has been sent to print, wooden components are the same!...
The long-awaited project "NANO Corporation" is almost at the start of the release!
Support, please, our game project "NANO Corporation" on the platform "On Start!". Let's bring together the production of table games in our country to a new level!...
Igromaniya in the SEC «Kosmopolit» with BombatGame
There is nothing more beautiful than family gatherings for an insanely interesting board game. And if there are a lot of other gamers around who like to compose the company for the...
How to become successful: 3 components of success
It's no secret that every normal person who wants to earn well, be respected among his colleagues or be a fine and fair leader, strives for success. But many people do not even k...

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