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Compact fun game Mushroom-OK for company, the best gift for children

  • Brand: BombatGame
  • Product Code: 4820172800170
  • Availability: In Stock

  • Age: 4+
  • Time for game: 15 мин
  • Players quantity: 2-6
  • Use: On the road
  • Category: Board games
  • Kind: Developing
  • Genre: Teaching
  • Type: Children's
  • Box Size (LxWxH): 16 sm. x 13 sm. x 3 sm.
  • Product Weight: 300 gr.
  • Material: Cardboard
  • Components: 84 game cards, 16 cards of baskets, 6 cards of hints, rules
  • 149.00 грн.

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  • This super compact board game , an excellent opportunity to spend recklessly and fun time with friends or family,
  • Simple rules that are being developed for 3 minutes,
  • “Quiet hunt», built on the original mechanics , which will identify the most skilled mushroom in your company!

In the set:
1. Cards mushrooms - 60 pieces;
2. Cards baskets - 16 pieces;
3. Cards animals - 24 pieces;
4. Cards tips - 6 pieces;
5. The rules of the game Ukrainian and Russian.

The size of the box: 16cm x 13cm x 3cm

The game is designed for 2 - 6 players
Age - 5 years
Playing time - 15 - 20 minutes

Author: Nicholay Dondyuk

A fascinating card game , in which participants have to go into the woods and find out who among them would be the most skilful mushroom. This is a great opportunity to have fun and recklessly in a family or in the company of friends, having mastered the simple rules in just 3 minutes!

Mushroom'OK - is a universal game: the original set of tactics and strategy games for adults and develop skills of oral accounts for kids! During the "quiet hunt" very skilful players reveal mushroom in your company - and master fly agaric mushrooms!

Funny animals – squirrel, hedgehog, bunny and cheerful dog – will help mushroom. Using maps fungi and animals, removing from their baskets poisonous mushrooms, and palming them in a basket of other players, participants of the game trying to fill the mushrooms the largest number of baskets.

The winner will be the player who at the end of the game was the most baskets with edible mushrooms.

The game is ideal for family entertainment will be interesting both to children and youth and adult clients. The compact box, which you can always take a trip just putting a deck of cards in his pocket, and you can play anywhere, anytime!

Learn more about the card game to develop skills for planning and oral account “Mushroom’OK” You can become acquainted with .

Rules for the game can be found here.

Family Card Game from BombatGame for the development of mathematical abilities:

Age 4+
Time for game 15 мин
Players quantity 2-6
Use On the road
Category Board games
Kind Developing
Genre Teaching
Type Children's
Box Size (LxWxH) 16 sm. x 13 sm. x 3 sm.
Product Weight 300 gr.
Material Cardboard
Components 84 game cards, 16 cards of baskets, 6 cards of hints, rules

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