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Magnetic games “Dress Up doll: Evelina”
A set of three magnetic games "Adeline" "Oksana" and "Evelyn"

Set of 2 magnetic game of a series doll Dress

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  • Age: 4+
  • Time for game: 15 мин
  • Players quantity: 1-6
  • 318.00 грн.
  • 299.00 грн.

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Set of 2 magnetic game of a series doll Dress
Set of 2 magnetic game of a series doll Dress
318.00 грн.
299.00 грн.

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A series of bright and colorful magnetic games “Dress up doll” for girls.

Each set contains magnetic doll Adeline , Oksana or Evelina and a large collection of beautiful and stylish outfits for all occasions. Dress your doll for a relaxing holiday or a visit to the theater – it’s very simple:
1. Take action figure dolls and clothes lay next to her.
2. Select the outfit and put on the doll.
3. Clothing and footwear easily locks in the figure by a magnet.
And if girlfriend Adeline, Oksana and Evelina are going to the disco? Help them to become queens of the dance floor, pick the most fashionable outfit!

The game will be interesting and useful: contributes to the development of imagination and attention, fine motor skills of hands, visual memory.

Age 4+
Time for game 15 мин
Players quantity 1-6

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