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Fun game "Smile"
Fun game "Smile"

Fun game "Smile"

Smile it's a team game for active and fun! Admire all the explanation of words, guessing the ..

Age 15+
Time for game 30-60 min
Players quantity 4-16
Use For the company
Category Board games
Kind Developing
Genre Quiz
Type Adults
Box Size (LxWxH) 30 sm. x 21 sm. x 7 sm.
Product Weight 700 gr.
Material Cardboard, Plastic
Components 362 cards (more than 2000 words), 4 chips with stands, playing field

359.00 грн.

Card game Grib'ОК
Card game Grib'ОК

Card game Grib'ОК

"Grib'OK" This super compact board game , an excellent opportunity to spend recklessly and fun time..

Age 5+
Time for game 15-30 minн
Players quantity 2-6
Use On the road
Category Board games
Kind Developing
Genre Teaching
Type Children's
Box Size (LxWxH) 16 sm. x 13 sm. x 3 sm.
Product Weight 300 gr.
Material Cardboard
Components 84 game cards, 16 cards of baskets, 6 cards of hints, rules

149.00 грн.

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