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New scenario for to the naval wargame "Admiral" and an addition to the game of fantasy "The Forest: The Legend of Manticore"

Good news: for fans of military-strategic gaming system "Admiral" - on our website in the card of game "Admiral" (see Rules) published a new pirate scenario "Honorary escort» for 2, 4 or 6 players, the duration of the game 60-90 minutes. The scenario was written by Andrew Ignatkov and has been tested BombatGame team at the last New Year's holidays, and we recommend it to all fans to play strategic military game "Admiral". The scenario is interesting because it already loomed idea of ​​buying the ships in the game, the BombatGame team that conceived implemented in one of the amendments. We and the author of the scenario will be interesting to hear your opinion about the new scenario

Another pleasant surprise is waiting for fans of the game "The Forest: The Legend of Manticore" , in the Rules section on the card of game "The Forest" is lined with addition, "The strength of the race" . The idea belongs to complement Michkov Andrew, who offered to use the ancient power of race, which awaken in characters-Forest defenders when they are on the verge of death. Supplement "The strength of the race" can be used in scenarios with step by step opening the road tiles, and in a quick game (scenario "Invasion").

Good luck to all players in the development of new products!

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